Selena posted on her website a video of herself and Chelsea at the hardware store. It’s really funny! So check it  out!

*We couldn’t post the video here, so click here to watch it.

Credit: Tiger Beat

After Selena Gomez‘s emotional breakup  with Nick Jonas she spilled: ‘Boys are not  very nice to me.’ But, Selena has moved on  and has been spotted out flirting with cute  boys: ‘Boys are fun to mess with.’

Demi‘s new Radio Disney interview. Her favorite Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam song is her duet with Joe Jonas ‘I Wouldn’t Change a Thing.’ She told Ernie D: ‘It’s a song that’s close to my heart. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of the movie.’

CR2 behind the scenes event:
‘One night in particular when we were all sitting around a campfire, Nick, Kevin and Joe were being so hilarious. I was having a hard time trying not to laugh. When I watched the scene back, I was totally laughing in the scene! Sometimes those boys will make you laugh until you cry. They’re the funniest people ever.’

On her favorite Sonny With A Chance skit, ‘The Real Princesses of New Jersey: ‘I get to put on a blonde wig and I don’t look like myself! I like putting on all the crazy makeup.’