Selena was interviewed by German magazine Mädchen, she answered some questions so watch the video to see what she said!


Demi’s whole Capricho interview (translated).

Capricho: Are you working on your third album?
Demi: Actually, I’m always writing new songs. I’m trying some things, um, different. Hopefully, some of it turns into my new CD. Haven’t recorded anything, but I think soon go into the studio.

Capricho: How was your experience being bullied?
Demi: It was very painful for me. But this is something that is in my past and I’m proud that I’ve overcome. So I get emotional when I talk about this subject. Because I want to help other girls to say the same: to suffer bullying is in their past. They overcame. People who spend so they need to move on and focus on positive things in their life.

Capricho: That’s the advice for girls who are suffering bullying?
Demi: Definitely. I believe that anyone who, like me, had suffered bullying at school knows: you must always try to be positive. Invest in your favorite hobbies. For me, for example, was writing songs. But you have to do what you love. It can be sports or anything else that makes your self-esteem increase. Of course, if you’re hurt, go talk to someone. Just do not let it destroy you. Tell that to people. And try to learn from it. It’s hard, I know. But save everything for you is even worse.

Capricho: How would you describe your style?
Demi: I do not know! I have therefore a definite style. Ando in a transitional phase: using less black and trying a girlie style. Over time, also learned to use my body parts that value. Therefore, I like to wear clothes that emphasize my waist

Capricho: What is your favorite clothing?
Demi: I’m mad about a pair of black boots. I wear them all the time (laughs)

Capricho: Biggest beauty tip?
Demi: My thing with makeup is: use as little as possible during the week. That
way people can see your natural and real beauty. On the weekends, if you want to wear makeup, go for it!

Capricho: Girls love your pink lipstick!
Demi: Oh, cool! You know what I think? This is a case you can not be ashamed to try new fashions. Just knowing the shape of your face and what looks best on it!

Demi likes surfing & Joe likes jet skiing.

Here’s what it said about Joe (translated):
-Capricho: Speaking of Camp Rock, you and Joe Jonas are dating! You’re dating your BFF! Amazing!
-Demi: It’s really great.. Joe’s a wonderful boyfriend.
-Capricho: What do you like to do together?
-Demi: We like to do anything. We’re happy just being together. No matter what we’re doing.